The Spencer James Band is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Backed by a collection of seasoned and skilled musicians, the band is fronted by Spencer James, a 22 year old guitar player, singer, and blues fanatic. The unusual and interesting thing about their shows is the setlists. In addition to their originals and a few early Rock 'n' Roll standards, they play a variety of blues from the early 20th century, getting to the roots of American music. Often times, they redevelope the songs with different tempos, lyrics, and feelings to fit whatever moves them. They believe it is essential to keep the music feeling fresh and inspired. They leave room to improvise on the spot, letting them showcase their love for the music, their experience, and their feeling in the moment. You may never see them play the same song the exact same way twice! It's a remix and a mashup of great Blues and Rock 'n' Roll that will move the audience, played in a passionate, open, and live setting.